Monday, 29 August 2011


Continuing the spring meme ...

a pleasant weekend pruning trees, in one case severely, planting things, ripping out some mad ground covering vine before things get too snakey and generally enjoying being out in the air

Friday, 26 August 2011

Spring !

Suddenly, spring has come to Canberra, with daytime temperatures in the high teens and last night, for the first time since mid May we didn't feel the need to light the wood stove in the lounge room.

Spring has crept up on us slowly this year, at first it was the increasing day length, and then the willows on campus began to burst into bud, and then various of the non native flowering trees have acquired blossom. Even our apricot tree consented to blossom last weekend.

But it remained cold and chilly, and the city had a cold defeated air. This week, for the first time since autumn it's been warm, and on campus in confirmation you can see couples beginning to canoodle beside the creek ....