Thursday, 19 March 2020

Toilet paper! We have toilet paper!

We were getting low.

We had found some half forgotten rolls in J's studio that had been bought for dabbing ink runs, but inexorably our stock was getting lower.

We'd decided that if we ran out we'd go for the Greek solution - a little bin by the loo to put used tissues and kitchen roll in, rather than flushing them down the loo and blocking the drain. We'd even bought a plastic bin specially.

After all a biodegradable plastic bag full of used bottom wipe is no worse than a used nappy or two, and what's more can go in the green compost bin. (Normally the recycling and the unrecyclable waste is collected every fortnight but the green bin is emptied weekly. That and we can put some prunings from the lemon tree in the bin to mask the pong.)

And then today, when I was visiting our local IGA to buy a case of Peroni (something that may soon be in short supply given it's imported from Italy) I saw a truck making a delivery. To be fair, the local IGA management have started posting stock levels on Facebook to a local forum, and I know there might be a delivery sometime today.

So, instead of buying beer, I went into the store, waited until they wheeled in the pallet to start restacking the shelves, and politely asked if I could have a pack of toilet paper.

They gave me a medium size pack, which with what we've got left should take us almost to Easter if we're careful.

Otherwise, we're not too badly off for hard to find items

Yes, we could do with a 2kg bag of rice, but we can manage, and having both been hippy wholefood bean eaters in the eighties, we can conjure up various healthy vegetable bakes and stews and strange gritty mixtures of wholegrains.

That and we're still getting tomatoes and zucchinis out of the garden.

Hand sanitizer is basically non existent, but soap works just as well, and a diluted down mixture of rubbing alcohol - again from J's studio - with a bit of tea tree oil in a spritzer bottle makes an effective sterilizing surface wipe and hand cleaner, even if it's always best to apply moisturiser after using it ...

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