Monday, 3 August 2020

Masks day 1

Today was the first day in rural Victoria that it was compulsory to wear a mask when out of the house.

So how did it go?

Well I had to go to Coles in Myrtleford to get our weekly shop, so off I went complete with this washable reusable N95 mask I'd bought to use when the bushfire smoke was really bad in summer. 

(This mask is quite a clever design - it has a double layer cloth baffle in front of the filter to stop you exhaling anything you shouldn't, plus a pocket to slip a filter pad into for added protection if required.)

As such it was probably overkill. Most people were wearing the disposable style masks you can get from supermarkets and pharmacies, and only a few were wearing funky patterned designer masks. I only saw one person flouting the mask rule, but there were a few people, mostly older men, who hadn't quite got the mask wearing technique right.

Otherwise people were complying - grumbling, but complying. I'm looking forward to spotting more and more funky masks over the next few weeks ...

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