Monday, 19 July 2010

Election fever

We're having an election, which in Canberra, means a five week wonkfest as all the political wannabees appear out of the woodwork and start pulsating madly - not a happy sight.

And of course, they all want to impress you of the rightness of their views. Personally I'd much rather we can get it over with next weekend, but for the record I'm going to vote Green for the following reasons:

  • The only person of intellect in the Liberals is Malcolm Turnbull
  • I don't like the streak of right wing racism exposed by the boat people/asylum seeker thing
  • Labor have been incompetent in the execution of their policies, even if they did save us from the worst effects of the GFC
  • No one is talking about what happens if China stops buying our iron ore
  • The drought was a warning that we need to do something about climate change

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