Sunday, 25 July 2010

Plumbing woes …

we have two bathrooms in our house, an en suite and a main bathroom. Both have nice new wash basins with taps that should look like this:

25072010unfortunately the tap in the ensuite now looks like this: 25072010(001)

ie it’s now missing the end. This is because yesterday, when I was cleaning my teeth, the end shot off with a massive clatter squirting water everywhere. At first, ok at second, I thought it’s just a bit of grit that clogged the diffuser – the little grid on then end – washed the end out and put it back – and it fitted on suspiciously easily. And then came off. Closer examination of the tap shows the locking ring on the end25072010(002)has a crack in it – which is annoying as we only fitted the new taps just over eighteen months ago. Whether it’s a new tap, replacement end or ring will have to wait till tomorrow, but it’s certainly a pisser – the taps were not cheap at a couple of hundred bucks each, and if one has gone, can the other be far behind?

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  1. the plumber came, did a temporary fix and suggested a permanent fix would have to be a new tap ...