Tuesday, 11 January 2011

renovation madness continued

the continued bad weather has left us with an uncompleted deck, a house that's 75% rendered and an unsightly pile of junk in the yard, made even more unsightly by pulling up the old carpet in preparation for the new floating floor - the original plan had been to finish the rendering and paint the eaves this weekend just past and pull up the carpet next weekend.

Well, that was not to be.

Instead on Saturday we played hooky and took a drive over the Tinderies on a road we probably shouldn't have due to several washout but the Subaru 4WD handled it well enough - didn't even need high ratio on a couple of the boggy bits, and then over to Bungendore for an ice cream and a rootle in the second hand bookstores - turned up an as new copy of Michael Woods 'Domesday' for five bucks.

Sunday we work to rain and the joys of carpet clearing - controlled destruction has its own pleasure - something repeated on on Monday (I have some flex owing and am not working Mondays as a consequence).

Other than the bedrooms and some strategically positioned mats we now only have bare boards throughout the house, something that has annoyed the cat as he can no longer just curl up anywhere at random ...

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