Sunday, 13 February 2011

Mandy and Cyrilo get married!

Mandy and Cyrilo get married!, originally uploaded by moncur_d.

This should really be the last post about the deck being renovated. It won't quite be, as the deck is 99% finished as of Thursday evening, but not quite.

The last week has been a major drama, with having a new hardwood floor laid in the house , and the deck finished off. The deck should have been ready for Christmas but the bad weather just slowed everything down terribly, and the floor was delayed because of Chinese New Year - the guy booking it looked at the 2010 calendar and scheduled right in the middle of Chinese New year - which was a bit fundamental given the installers were all Chinese ...

But, finally by about 8.30 Thursday night it was done, or as done as it was going to be in the time available.

Huge sigh of relief as we'd agreed to host Mandy and Cyrilo's wedding on Saturday...

And yes, everything went well

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