Monday, 28 March 2011

a good weekend

Sometimes the simplest weekends are the best.

Saturday turned out to be wall to wall gardening. It wasn't planned that way but that's what happened. Grass cutting, which involved the usual battle to coax our recalcitrant Victa into life, hedge cutting, pruning, shredding the prunings and hedge cuttings for compost and then finally the great destructive pleasure of ripping out some strange invasive purple flowered vine that seems intent on both strangling the ceanothus and the raspberries.

Amazingly, the raspberries seemed to be forming a second crop of fruit. (Given it was four degrees this morning I have doubts whether they'll ripen.)

Good honest grunt, followed by a pizza and a decent bottle of rose.

Sunday we were up early and on the road well before nine for a day at Pebbly Beach. The tide was in, the sea rough and uninviting so we contented ourselves with the bushland walk to Snake Bay and back, followed by a paddle - well you can't go to Pebbly and not get your feet wet.

Despite the fact they've now sealed the road through Durras North to Pebbly - something we didn't realise at first and we took the old dirt road down from East Lynne - it was really quiet with only a couple of other cars there when we got there, and less than a dozen when we got back from our walk mid afternoon.

After that, coffee on the beach at Depot Beach and fish and chips at the Boatshed in Bateman's Bay, followed by the inevitable drive back up Clyde mountain arriving back in Canberra just as the sun was going down.

Even though I was as stiff as buggery this morning a good weekend ...

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