Friday, 8 March 2013

Exercise and a nature diary

I've already written elsewhere about my exercise regimen, and it's still going well.

There's another aspect about it that's good - it's put me in touch with the seasons and the phases of the moon.

Not that I'm going all new age - but starting early definitely makes you more aware of the environment.
When I started it was just getting light when I set off and you could see the sun gradually light the city. Now of course, it's dark, and nothing but a million orange lights.

Except that's not true, - between the first and third quarters of last month the moon provided a decent amount of light, but now it's most definitely waning I'm back to relying on the orange lights.

And the wildlife has gone. The birds are still asleep in their trees and the kangaroos have disappeared - I suspect more to the fact that we've had some rain and consequently a late burst of growth in the grasses making foraging on the hill a more attractive option than coming down into the suburbs to search for a feed ...

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