Monday, 8 April 2013

Clock Change day

Yesterday was clock changed day, the day when we put our clocks back an hour for winter.

Typically it was a gloriously warm sunny autumn day, and ideal for pulling out the last of the zucchini plants and other summer vegetables and planting out what will hopefully grow to be our winter greens.

It used to be that clock change day was always a little edgy, back in the days when computers did not always reliably update correctly but these days seem gone - now it's a matter of changing the oven and central heating timer and the clock radios, not to mention our last two analogue clocks.

It's interesting that as we've got more and more devices that tell us the time reliably we have fewer and fewer clocks around the place. Like the old stereo we have in the kitchen for music in the evening and news radio in the morning. It still works, but the backlight on the display died years ago, and since we only ever use it to play CD's or flip between a couple of preprogrammed radio stations, not having a readable display was not a problem. I noticed this morning that it said 0415 - obviously we'd never reset it after the last time the power went out a couple of year ago.

If fact the only person confused by clock change day was the cat - he of course runs on his internal clock and the fact we were in bed later and didn't seem to want to feed him when he expected was confusing.

In fact I quite enjoyed the change and especially the fact that when out for my morning exercise this morning there was the hint of light in the sky, rather than bludnering around in the kangaroo infested dark ...

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