Monday, 3 February 2014

Sometime life's a beach

Yesterday was forecast to be another stinking hot day in a run of stinking hot days. Sure we could get up early, do things around the house and garden until it got too hot, and then retire to the cooling, read, play with the internet, or whatever.

Only problem is that after what seems like a month of days like that, the option seemed distinctly boring.

So we got up early and set off for the coast. To be honest, despite getting up at six-thirty, it was a little after eight when we left, but that still meant that we were in the water and swimming at Pebbly Beach in the Murramang National Park a couple of hours later.

The water was cold and the sun was hot, but there was a definite breeze which made the morning pleasant. An early picnic lunch and a walk over the shingle and rocks to Depot Beach and back meant we were done by two o'clock, and ready to drive down to Bateman's Bay to buy some fresh prawns and oysters for dinner, and perhaps have an ice cream.

We had no trouble getting some oysters that were fresh that morning but an ice cream proved tricky. No traditional gelateria, not even a Ben and Jerry's - in the end we settled for bit of cake and some ice cream on the side in a coffee shop.

The drive back was tedious - being the absolutely last day of the school holidays there were lots of people taking boats back, but we just stuck to the speed limit and kept a safe distance, and even then it took us under two hours.

Definitely more fun than facebook ...

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