Thursday, 25 May 2017

The NBN is (almost) here ...

Today was a grey cold drizzly day reminiscent of York in late November.

Definitely a day to stay in and bugger about on the internet, but I decided to walk up to the post offices to collect a couple of packages that were waiting for me.

Outside there were a couple of guys fiddling about with the Telstra duct that runs down the street and a GMR truck, and I made the obvious assumption that they were doing some subcontracted work for Telstra.

But then I noticed that they had NBN logo's on their protective little temporary fences they put round the open access pits, so on the way back I asked one of the guys, who had a good Dublin accent, what was happening.

And what was happening is that they were checking the ducts and putting in draw wires for the fibre optic installation crew to come on behind them and install the cables.

It may only the beginning, but it does mean that it's finally happening ...

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