Sunday, 31 March 2019

And suddenly it's winter

Well, not quite, but definitely autumnal.

Autumn has arrived with a crash and a bang this year. After last week's big storm, we had a series of calm days with chilly mornings and warm afternoons, but this weekend the wind has swung round to the south, bringing with it heavy and very cold rain from the southern ocean and gusty winds making the yard look like a painting inspired by Shelley's West wind.

Today though, the wind has dropped and while it's still cold and damp it's more like a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, a time I always think makes this part of Victoria look like an attempt to reimagine Herefordshire with church bells ringing through the mist and damp apple orchards.

However, unlike Herefordshire at an equivalent time of year we still have tomatoes and chillies trying to ripen, and I've only just pulled out the last of the zucchinnis.

Hopefully we'll get a little bit of sun during the week to help them along, otherwise we'll being making green tomato chutney again this year ...

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