Sunday, 19 May 2019

Election day ...

Yesterday was election day.

We'd been out the night before at a community theatre even so we had a slow start, scrambled eggs, toast, coffee, that sort of thing and then strolled up to the polling station to vote, chatted to a few other people we knew, cast our votes, and because it was such a nice day we went up to our favourite cafe for a danish and a coffee.

We were quietly confident that the day would bring a change of government, and one that would do something about climate change, the abuse of refugees and the rest.

So confident were we we watched the Freddie Mercury retrospective instead of watching the election results as they came in.

We were shocked when we eventually watched the election news. In fact so surprised were we we thought that they must have got the exit polls wrong.

But no, we were condemned to another three years of being governed by pudgy men with a penchant for ill fitting suits and dodgy real estate deals.

A hundred thoughts flickered through my mind - Vicxit? a Victorian republic unshackled by right wing evangelicals from Queensland suddenly seemed like a good idea, but no, I was being silly.

People had voted honestly and fairly, and this was what we had got. We might not like it but this is what democracy has delivered.

We'll just have to keep on protesting and hope that next time around it's not too late to do something about climate change and human rights, and the growing inequality in society ...

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