Monday, 27 January 2020

Administrivia ...


Over on what I think of my main blog, I've updated my online resume to reflect the fact that, with Britain leaving the EU, I no longer necessarily have full work rights.

As I'm now retired, on a practical level this makes absolutely no difference to me whatsoever, on an emotional level I think it's rather sad, like any dissolution of a long standing relationship.


From about 2006 until very recently I had a Flickr Pro account. 

No longer. Over Christmas I downloaded all the images I had stored in Flickr, and when it came time to pay for this year's subscription I closed my account.

Truth is, it had outlived its usefulness.

In the early days it was one of the best places around to store and share photos, but nowadays every storage provider, OneDrive, GooglePhotos, and the rest can do it and US$50 a year seemed a lot to pay for functionality I was getting elsewhere.

Some of my early blog posts may have links to images stored in flickr and these obviously will have broken. All the more recent ones should be fine.

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