Tuesday, 7 July 2020

It was too good to last

We're not exactly locked down, but it was all too good to last.

The border with NSW has been closed, which is a pain in the bottom given that Albury is our nearest big town (Wodonga on the Victorian side is really just a suburb of Albury - good enough for supermarket shopping and edge of town big box stores, but without the range that you get in central Albury, not to mention that our dentist is in Albury, etc etc).

We can of course cope, and we'll simply go back to as we were before, shopping locally and the occasional foray to a bigger supermarket.

While Beechworth is not exactly remote, online supermarket shopping is a problem, with only one of the major chains delivering, and then not on the day you want. However we've learned that Amazon sells some of the exotica we liked - quality tea, shave gel, cosmetics and the rest, so we're not badly off in material terms.

What's more of the problem is the uncertainty and the inability to plan anything - we'd hoped to take a trip to the mid north coast in September, dove tailing it with J's painting workshop in Sydney - geek that I am, I saw that not just as two or three days in Sydney, but an opportunity for an afternoon in the State Library doing some project related work, tracking down information about vanished pharmaceutical companies.

Well J's workshop is now cancelled - actually postponed until March next year - and I suspect we'll have to postpone our trip north until October or November.

The project is of course on hold, and while I've had various emails about a possible restart next month, I suspect that that isn't going to happen now, and I probably should make use of some of this time to pull the information gathered together, and perhaps build a little Omeka demonstrator exhibition - having spent the last few days of rain, sleet and wind playing with Virtualbox and building various linux installs, my VirtualBox skills are probably refreshed enough, even though its a long time (five years), since I played with Omeka. It will of course all be different and I'll need to swear a bit, but hopefully I'll get there.

However, that won't happen for a few days at least - the weather has turned fine, clear and cold - time for some winter gardening and tidying outside ...

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