Thursday, 11 February 2021

The merest hint of Autumn

 This morning, just before dawn, I went for a bike ride following my usual route, up Finch St, onto Ford St via Church St, down past the Shell station to Mellish St, along the bike path following the old railway line to Havelock Road. Sometimes I go up the hill to the old water tower on Havelock Road, other times I go down Alma Road to the mountain bike park, then back along Balaclava road to home.

Usually takes between 40 and 45 minutes.

This morning when I set off it was about 12 or 13C, but I warmed up quickly enough riding up to Church St, but when I dropped down to Mellish St I suddenly felt cold. There was heavy dew on the grass and the cows in the paddock beside the creek were steaming ever so slightly.

There was a distinctively autumnal nip in the air, and it was like that all along the bike path. Obviously the cold air had pooled around the creek, because riding up the hill to the old railway water tower it suddenly got (relatively) warm. I proved it to myself by turning round at the water tower and dropping back down the hill. Same thing in reverse, just short of the golf course the temperature dropped markedly.

Autumn seems to be coming early this year ...

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