Saturday, 5 June 2021

Out of lockdown, for now

 For the moment, here in regional Victoria we're out of lockdown - free to travel, but masks are back and there are still restrictions on cafes and restaurants, and of course we now need to sign in with QR codes everywhere we go.

Melbourne, of course, is a different story, and still has a restrictive lockdown.

Yesterday, the first day of the restrictions easing I took J to the Wodonga vaccination hub for her Covid shot - a chest infection meant that vaccination had had to be delayed a couple of weeks, but we've both now had our first shots of AstraZeneca, after which we went and did our supermarket shopping.

The whole QR code business at the supermarket - I was dreading long queues and people finding that they didn't have the right app or that their phone was incompatible - didn't eventuate.

There were plenty of people on hand to ensure that the check in process flowed properly. 

It never ceases to surprise me how many people still have older smartphones (including amazingly windows phones) because they still work and all they do is call and text, and perhaps the occasional email.

Everyone was complying with the mask regulations and socially distancing - we've been here before and people basically know what they're doing.

So, for the moment we're in a sort of limbo. The Dow's documentation project has of course paused with no date for a restart as yet. Something like normal life has resumed, and we wait and see how long it takes for things to improve ...

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