Sunday, 19 February 2023

Thrice damned Covid!

 For the first three years of the pandemic we’ve managed to avoid catching Covid.

Probably a result of good luck, being careful, and living in a rural area.

But no longer. On Thursday J got an email from someone in the life drawing group she runs to say he had tested positive.

For a couple of days we checked for symptoms, and nothing.

Then last night she began to feel unwell. Very unwell. One RAT later and Bingo! Covid.

I wasn’t feeling unwell, in fact I’d been for a bike ride that morning, but when I woke up this morning, I felt shivery. Another RAT. Negative this time. Given that I felt like fourteen kinds of shite, I thought that it was unlikely I was Covid free - more likely I simply wasn’t sick enough yet to let the test work.

At the same time the drawing group’s facebook page lit up with people posting that they tested positive, and sometimes like me, they needed two tests to get a positive result.

Now it might be that we’ve had prior dose of Covid, but we simply don't know.

I’ve always been prone to dramatic hurricane strength cold and flus, one that make me go through a box and more of tissues in a day.

Where we live, the local doctor’s surgery encouraged people with Covid symptoms to go to the testing centres in Wodonga or Wangaratta rather than do the tests at the surgery, which meant an 80km round trip.

Well if you’re too sick to drive, you simply don’t get tested. (We did eventually get a local test centre but that was open only three days a week and completely overwhelmed during the first Omicron wave when RAT kits were unavailable, so I don’t know if my January 2022 post Christmas flu was just that or Covid.)

However, be that as we may, we’ve got Covid. Our last booster shot was ten months ago, which means that our immunity will have waned while the medical gentlemen procrastinated over a fifth, and bivalent, booster.

So another RAT tomorrow, to see what that brings.


As would be expected a second RAT turned out positive

Guess that's me for the week ...

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