Thursday, 16 March 2023

The twitter mastodon migration

 Well, I've deactivated my facebook account.

I wasn't getting any value out of it, other than some amusement at the totally ludicrous friend suggestions it came up with. Otherwise it was just all sales and crap.

The reason I deactivated it rather than cancelled it is that in bad weather our local SES sometimes posts 'tree down' and flood notices on its facebook page, and it might be worth reactivating the account for just that reason.

At the same time I've cancelled our virtual NBN landline. It doesn't work when the power's out so it's no use in an emergency. 

The virtual landline is only virtually cancelled - iiNet couldn't actually cancel the service so the suggestion was to unplug the phone and cancel the call pack - what you pay for unlimited outgoing calls each month, so I guess you could still call the number and it would fail fail to connect.

And so it is with twitter. 

I still use it as there's some people on it who are interested in Late Roman history who have not made the jump, but otherwise that's it. I'm basically on Mastodon now for the interesting stuff, and feel I've found a little niche online.

And because I now have an online home, I can see myself canning my twitter account sometime this year.

At the same time I find that once I've stopped regularly posting to twitter I'm actually reading fewer blog posts, but those I do read I read more critically. And this partial disconnect has given me a little more time to pursue other interests, which certainly can't be bad ...

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