Monday, 11 May 2020

Koalas (again)

Back in September last year I blogged about how we had a koala in our back yard.

While that seemed exciting at the time, the truth is that koalas are not uncommon around where we live. I've seen one in a tree outside the old post office building in the middle of town and once had to do an emergency stop on the road down to Chiltern as one walked out in front of the car.

This time was different. I was coming back from Stanley, and just outside of the Historic Park ( the old gold diggings that surround the town are zoned as the Beechworth Historic Park) there was a koala running down the middle of the road away from me.

I'm guessing it had been scared by dogs on one of the farm properties that adjoin the park.

So, I put on my hazard flashers and drove very slowly behind it, hoping to alert any traffic to its presence. A car coming the other way saw the koala and did the same thing, which persuaded the animal that running down the middle of the Stanley road wasn't the safest course of action and it dived off into some roadside scrub ...

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