Saturday, 26 September 2020

Hail, wind, rain

 Well today it's been like winter - cold chilly rainy, and yesterday we had hail

By the time it was over the ground was covered and it looked like it had snowed.

It hadn't of course. Fortunately it wasn't intense enough to do any damage to the cars or the plants in the garden. My major worry was the tomato plants I'd planted out a few days ago as the weather seemed to have finally become springlike.

The solution was simple - take a plastic bag like the ones that supermarkets use for vegetables, snip the end off it to make a tube.

Slip the tube carefully over the plant, tension with some sticks or garden canes to make a tube round the plant a little like this

and you're done. They'll last two or three nights easily to protect from frost, which is (hopefully) as long as you need.

Afterwards, the bags can be bundled up and put it the Redcycle (soft plastic) recycling bin at your local collection point, just as normal ...

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