Saturday, 17 October 2020

A new normal ?

 Restrictions are easing slightly, step by step, and with that comes the realisation that increasingly we are living in the new normal, or what will be the new normal until there is a successful vaccine that gives a reasonable period of protection.

I'm thinking here of the flu vaccine as an analogue - you get your annual shot, and while it doesn't give total protection, you are unlikely to have a serious bout of the flu.

Until then, it's the things that work that will form part of  normality - facemasks in public areas, hand sanitiser, and social distancing, and trying to avoid busy or crowded locations - something that probably means online shopping and working from home is here to stay.

Looked at objectively, it's not too bad.

We can still have a holiday even if there are restrictions on where we can travel. We can have a meal out, and as people that love wild open coastlines and mountains, we can do some of the things we enjoy, and of course we can take pleasure from the small things of life, such as sitting in the garden in the evening and listening to the birdsong.

One can make a life ...

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