Monday, 19 October 2020

A cashless seven months ...

 Continuing the 'new normal' theme, I've just realised it's been seven months, almost to the day, since I last used a cash machine, when I drew out a couple of hundred bucks in small notes, in case the telecomms system collapsed and took the payment system with it.

In the event, totally uneccessary.

What happened of course is that the use of coins and folding money disappeared almost overnight. Yes, you still see some older people using banknotes in the supermarket or the post office, but the reality is that almost everyone has switched to using contactless, either via the phone or debit card.

As for the money I got out?

Some of it went to a self service fresh produce stand, but the rest is still sitting in my wallet. I sometimes wonder if it will end up like the Danzig 20 Gulden note my father used to carry in his wallet as a reminder of past times?

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