Monday, 19 December 2011

'twas the week before Xmas ...

... and we played hooky.

In an ideal world I would have wrestled with our elderly, tempremental (actually downright crochety) Victa two-stroke lawn mower, cut the grass, done some more landscaping.

But I didn't.

Instead we drove out to the Cork Street Cafe in Gundaroo for a shared pizza and salad sitting in the sun in the old stable yard, and then up over the hill to Collector, and across to Bungendore for a late afternoon coffee and to pick up some fresh chicken for a barbecue and home.

Evening was said chicken in a cajun marinade cooked on a very hot barbecue with potatoes and a green salad, along with a bottle of a decentish New Zealand rose - an enjoyable conclusion to a lazy and relaxed day ...

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