Sunday, 5 August 2012

Spring is coming ...

Havn't been here for a while ...

Spring is coming to Canberra. The magpies have begun their insane chortling plus a hunt for nest material, and trees are beginning to bud. The snowdrops and the jonquils are already out, and despite the occasional cold and frosty night, it's almost warm in the middle of the day and there are fewer frosty starts.

Spent a pleasant couple of hours cleaning the veggie patch, ripping out the insane creeper that tries to strangle everything, pruning back the raspberry canes after their insane feral burst of growth last year with the warm wet summer, when they still produced fruit well into April, and trying to make the apricot tree more tree shaped rather than simply an unstructured nest of branches.

Noticed how green the prunings were already as I fed them through the shredder - growth is starting again, ever so slowly after winter's cold

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