Monday, 3 September 2012

A chilly end to winter ...

This winter has been a long cold one in Canberra and we felt in need of some warmth.

So we booked a cottage down on the coast for the weekend, for what was officially the first weekend of Spring.

Whenwe set off on Friday, on what was supposed to be the last day of winter it began to hail and sleet, which had turned to snow by the time we had got out of this city. As we drove out towards Bungendore there was actual snow on the ground – not something you expect this time of year. However by the time we'd started the descent down Clyde mountain to the coast the weather had cleared and it was getting warmer.

Little did we realise that an unseasonable cold front had rolled through bringing snow and record low temperatures.

The cottage was of course cold. However we'd thought to bring sleeping bags and an electric fan heater with us just in case it had been chillier than planned. It was a lot chillier than we planned – five or six degrees below the expected temperature and windy with it, but we were well lagged.

We probably looked ridiculous sitting with sleeping bags round us but ridiculous is better than freezing.

Saturday was still cold and windy when we woke – which meant that rather than go for a serious bushwalk we drove up to Milton to the organic market to get some stuff for dinner and then that afternoon went for a coastal walk in the freezing wind.

By the evening the wind had dropped enough for us to have a chilly barbecue to mark the start of spring.

The following day was warm, bright and sunny. The bay at Bawley Point looked like a little bit of paradise. It was of course also the day we had to check out.

Rather thn go for a walk we took a meandering drive up the coast, stoppling off now and again to drink in the warmth and the sunshine before doubling back up the Turpentine road and Nerriga through the Budawangs and back to Canberra.

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