Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sliding doors ...

A long time ago, 2008 to be exact, a few months after we had moved into our current house we realised we needed more wardrobe space in the bedroom.

Of course, having just moved in we had zero money - strange how moving to a new house turns out to result in all sorts of extra expense - so we did what everyone else does - we went to Ikea and bought some flat pack wardrobes.

And, over the easter weekend in 2008 I assembled them - something that was a little more complex than it might be as it involved cutting out the cornice as they only just fit the height of the room. We'd bought sliding doors for the wardrobes, and by half past three that easter Monday it was clear to all that they were not going to happen. The wardrobes were built and in place, so I said to J that there wasn't time to do the doors, so I'd fit the rest of the shelves and hanging rails, and do the doors on the Anzac day long weekend - Anzac day being 25 April.

Of course I didn't and the door kits stayed in the garage for six years. Mice have gnawed holes in the packaging and there was the summer storm where the garage floor flooded, but they remained in their packages.

This easter I unpacked the door kit, fitted the running gear and built and hung the first door. I could have done the second door, but the Sunday was such a nice day we went out to Brayshaw's hut for a walk in Namadgi national park, following the settler's track loop along the old track taken by goldminers walking from the railhead at Quenbeyan up through to Kiandra, and looping past Westerman's hut back to the car park next to Brayshaw's hut.

I can't remember why, but I didn't get the second door done on the Monday, so last Friday, Anzac day, I built the second door and hung it - finally we had doors, the only problem I guess is that they were six years later than promised.

Amazingly, despite mice gnawing and floods the brushed aluminium and tempered glass came up like new once they were wiped down - no water staining or other marks, which given the reputation of some Ikea products for longevity, or rather its lack, is quietly impressive ...

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