Monday, 5 May 2014

Chilly billies ....

Winter has suddenly arrived with a freezing Antarctic blast.

On Saturday it drizzled and hardly got to double figures - it was so damp and chilly we lit the wood stove for the first time this winter - possibly the earliest we have ever done so . Fortunately we had take delivery of a tonne of firewood on Friday and I'd managed to move and stack around half of it before it got dark on Friday.

I covered the rest with plastic and moved it on Sunday - which turned out to be a glorious sunny and very windy day. Overnight the wind dropped and we had ice on the cars for the first time this winter. Rather than using an old plastic Bunning's paint scraper I'd invested five dollars on ebay on a pair of plastic icescrapers - they looked as if they wouldn't do the job, being bade of perspex, but to my amazement they worked well lifting the ice right off ...

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