Friday, 13 August 2021

Second Covid Shot ...

Well, I've just had my second dose of AstraZeneca, and I must say that while I feel slightly weird, I also feel strangely relieved, given the way things are across the border in NSW at the moment.

Last time, I had it done at the mass vaccination centre in Wodonga as nowhere locally was offering the vaccination, but things have moved on and this time I was able not only to book online but had a choice of the local health service or the pharmacy in town.

I went for the local health service.

The whole vaccination process was pretty good, even if it wasn't quite as slick as the mass vaccination hub.

They were using a repurposed day care centre which didn't have quite enough space meaning that you had to sign in and then wait outside until they let you in to the reception area to confirm your details, after which it was a short wait, your jab, and then fifteen minutes in the post vaccination waiting area before they let you out.

No string quartets or any other distractions, but I'd brought the dogfood tablet with me so I read some more of Harry de Windt's journey across Mongolia and nineteenth century Siberia, which passed the time suitably.

Like the first time, I feel a bit weird and spacy, but I'm sure that will pass ...

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