Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Boosted !

Just before Christmas, the government decided that the waiting period between your second Covid shot and your booster shot should be reduced to four months, meaning that I could get my shot as soon as the state vaccination hubs reopened.

I'd already had an appointment booked but I jumped on my computer as soon as I heard the announcement and moved my appointment to today.


I couldn't get an appointment locally, but could get one at the big vaccination hub at Wodonga where I had my first shot .

So off I went this afternoon, suitably equipped with a bottle of water, the dogfood tablet, and a hat that made me look like one of Mr Thurloe's men, in case I had to queue outside in the sun, given it was in the mid thirties this afternoon.

I was about twenty minutes early to the vaccination hub, and a good thing too. There was a queue round the block of people, possibly panicked by Omicron, wanting shots as walkup users, and the queue marshals were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers, and putting people through in batches, rather than separating the booked from the walkup clients.

So, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I went up to one of the marshals, showed my booking, and said that I had just driven 50km to get here, and to their eternal credit they put me in the next batch of clients  rather than make me wait.

After that it was pretty smooth. They checked my eligibility, checked my immunisation history, checked that I knew why I was there and what sort of booster I was getting (Pfizer), and stuck a needle in my arm.

After that it was fifteen minutes with the dogfood tablet, and back out into the heat.

I must say I feel fine, much less of a reaction than my first and second Astra Zeneca shots ...

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