Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Ghost signs

 Went for a drive with J to photograph a couple of possible locations for an art project she's working on.

Just for fun I took my digital SLR along for a bit of practice in using an SLR camera as the first thing my retro photography project has shown is I'm a bit rusty with photo composition. 

Using a point and shoot or my phone camera has made me lazy - after all I can always crop and fiddle with an image. Practising composition on a digital SLR before changing back to film seems to be the way to go.

So we stopped off om Chiltern and I photographed a couple of ghost signs on the side of an old chemist's shop (not Dow's)

The shop's now part of a home and decor shop.

After that we walked about and photographed the old 1860's post office building (still in use)

and billiard hall

before driving on to Rutherglen for lunch.

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