Wednesday, 2 November 2022

So what to do about twitter?

 Well, I don't know.

Obviously the change in ownership is causing some uncertainty. Services do change and evolve, not always for the better. Look at Instagram - ad dominated and with less and less useful content, compared to how it was in the early days.

However, despite having been on twitter for over fifteen years, I'm not that worried.

Despite my long membership I'm not emotionally invested in twitter.

I originally started using twitter to share links to interesting articles with my team plus a bit of light relief, then other people started following me, so that basically by the time I went on sabbatical and never went back to work, it was almost all history and archaeology and not a lot of data archiving.

Well given I've still got over 400 followers, none of whom hopefully feel obliged to follow me, I'm guessing that the stuff I retweet has some value to someone. Equally I get some value from people's posts and from the interactions.

No one is paying me to curate content, just as no one is paying me to blog, I just do it for fun, and because I can.

If Twitter was to go like Instagram or Facebook, I'd probably continue lurking for a bit, and then possibly give up on it.

It's been suggested that I move to an alternate service such as Mastodon but I really don't have a use case and unless I find a group or community I want to join I probably won't make the move, after all there are communities and groups on Facebook already such as the paleography group if you want to be really niche.

So, I'm going to wait and see. Maybe it will all be fine ...

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