Saturday 13 May 2023


 The semi annual trip to the e-waste centre to get rid of old stuff - 3 old laptops, all wiped and with linux installed as a present for the unwary, an old 2008 vintage iMac, a couple of dead power tools, our answerphone, no longer required since we ditched the landline, dead fairy lights and solar powered outdoor lights, not to mention a kettle and a bag of dead batteries.

Strange how the stuff builds up - it should have been more, I realised I'd forgotten to wipe J's old iMac, so that will be in the next load. 

And I still have the old android 4 Alcatel tablet,  I used to use as a note taker before I retired, and then for a couple of years after I retired. 

It still works, as does its little bluetooth keyboard, and I'm in two minds about it - hopelessly old but powerful enough for email and an editor, so perhaps I'll keep it around a little longer, although my old ipad mini and keyboard combo is a little nicer to use

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