Thursday 11 May 2023

Frosty and getting ready for winter...


Autumn is always a time of change.

The days cool, we have rain and then occasionally frost. It’s unusual to get frost much before June, but this year the frosts have come a couple of weeks only. 

The nasturtiums had been making a brave show, their big leaves like satellite dishes trying to catch the late autumn sun, and their bright red flowers adding a dash of colour to a winter garden, but then a few days ago we had a run of overnight frosts, which means the end for the nasturtiums.

Nasturtiums really don’t like frost, so after a -3C night they wilted and browned, so today I pulled them out. Hopefully they’ll return next spring, they’ve dropped a fine load of seeds promising new growth once the weather starts to warm.

As always with autumn a lot of the work is tidying and pulling out annuals, not to mention the seemingly endless chore of tidying up fallen leaves.

I cut the grass for what is probably the last time before spring as the garden gradually slides into winter hibernation.

But it’s not all the slide down to the chilly depths of winter, there’s also work to do for the year ahead. I ordered some new seed yesterday - broad beans and Asian greens to give us some green veg over winter and hopefully a decent crop of broad beans  in the spring.

Other, less hardy crops will have to wait until the cold weather has passed …

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