Thursday, 23 September 2021

An earthquake ...

 Yesterday, here in Victoria we had an earthquake, somewhere between magnitude 5.8 and 6.0.

Typically, I hardly noticed it. I was on my way down to Dow’s for a day’s documentation, and while I did notice the car bouncing about more than usual, thought nothing of it as it’s an old car which rattles a bit, and the road surface is not the best, uneven tarmac with potholes and patches, so I just thought there had been a bit more subsidence from big agricultural vehicles on the road.

When I got into Dow’s, I was first in, and there were about five or six items on the floor and an old cabinet door was hanging open.

My first thought was that we had had a break in, but no, the alarm had been on and all the doors and windows were secure. My second thought was a rat or a possum, but possums don’t (usually) open cabinets, and there was no poo to be seen.

Then Judi phoned me to say the power and internet was off at home which given we have an iptv cable service meant no news stations, and of course the internet radio was a $200 brick, and that there had been a great rumble and rattle as if someone’s LPG tank had blown.

So I put the items back on the shelves - yes I should have photographed them but didn’t, and came home, by which time the power was back on, as was the internet, which is how we found out there had been an earthquake.

Apart from the odd fallen plant pot outside, we seem to have escaped any damage - the pictures stayed on the walls, and no cracking - wooden houses have a certain flex to them meaning that while things rattled a bit everything stayed together.

We didn’t feel any of the aftershocks, so hopefully that’s it for now ...

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