Sunday, 7 November 2021

Not having a daily paper - six months on

 Back in March we took what seemed a momentous decision and stopped having a daily paper delivered.

Due to the bizarre way The Age manages its subscriptions - rolling over the the money paid for times when you had suspended delivery rather than crediting the money to your account against future months and never giving refunds it actually took two months to mid May for our subscription to finish.

So it's only now we've been without a paper for six months. 

Basically, we haven't missed it. 

Yes, we bought the weekend edition a couple of times and then wondered why we had, and we've used up our quota of non paywall articles once or twice but really we have not missed it. 

Online news through the ABC and the Guardian, plus news aggregators like Google News have kept us informed, in fact possibly better informed than previously. 

It is a sad fact, but our experience suggests that quality print journalism has had its day, and it is only hanging on because some people still have the newspaper habit... 

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